The family business Unifood Europe was founded in 2011. Unifood Europe is the specialist in the field of import and delivery of the following products for dogs and cats:

  • Dried meat snacks
  • Rawhide products
  • Raw materials for feed manufacturers

We work quickly and efficiently from our Dutch level-headedness with short lines.

Based on our knowledge and experience from the meat world, an extensive network within Europe and the direct representation in Asia, we offer a complete package for companies in the dog and cat industry.


We work together with partners because of their high service, reliability and flexibility. Our partners have GFSI certification such as IFS and / or BRC.


U can count on us!



Products are delivered to the desired location (for example, warehouse / production of the customer) in the agreed packaging and calculated in the agreed currency. Unifood Europe takes care of all procedures and supplies private label or branded product in the desired packaging in containers, conditioned transport or at pallet level.


Dried meat snacks and rawhide products are supplied in both full color packaging and transparent packaging. Often chosen packaging variants include pouch bags and pillow bags with or without Euro lock and / or zipper. Weight class of the packages vary from 30gram to 5kg bags. The range of boxes consists of “regular” folding boxes, lid boxes and display boxes. The boxes can also be printed in the desired way.


Raw materials for feed manufacturers are supplied in crates, freezer blocks, big bags on different types of pallets, depending on the product and the specification / wishes of the customer. Here too, customization is our motto.


Knowledge of the product
Knowledge of the product is scarce. We understand what you mean and can and provide technical advice on request.

Knowledge of the market
More than 15 years of work experience in animal feed. We know where the strong and less strong characteristics of the supply industry are and who can best respond to your demand.

Product development
We like to think along with you and together we develop products with which you can deliver added value to your customer.

Products arrive at the agreed time under the right circumstances. If for some reason you deviate from the schedule, we will inform you in time. 

For more information, please contact us.